Healthier. Longer.

We are Bayside’s first science-driven longevity centre. At our core, we focus on;



Increasing lifespan and maximising our healthspan.


Slowing cellular breakdown and increasing cellular function to combat the ageing process.


From illness and injury through reducing inflammation.

ReGen Treatments


Infrared sauna therapy

ReGen’s infrared saunas use the only true full-spectrum 3-in-1 infrared heating system to ensure our clients get the full range of health benefits. Read more about our sunlighten infrared sauna and near/mid/far infrared light.

Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (mHBOT)

ReGen’s oxygen pod is a pressurised oxygen environment that helps improve mental clarity, reduce stress and much more – all designed to maximise healthspan, not just increase lifespan.

Ice bath therapy

ReGen’s baths are controlled with a specialised chiller to keep the water at the optimal low temperature while the filter keeps the water safe, fresh and sanitised.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF)

ReGens SwissBionic iMRS Prime Pulsed utilises magnetic energy in order to improve healing and cellular regeneration throughout the body.

IV drip infusions

Provided by a registered nurse inside the longevity centre, our IV Drip Infusions, individually tailored to aid our clients specific goals across longevity, anti-ageing, and recovery.