Health Benefits


ReGen’s 3-in-1 infrared saunas can improve overall skin tone, softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity and firmness while helping to reduce wrinkles and crow’s feet. It’s an amazing technique to revive, heal and renew your skin.

Infrared saunas can also help rejuvenate skin as part of a sauna skin therapy regimen. Your entire body’s skin, from head to toe, will benefit from a session in one of our specially designed saunas.

The epidermis and dermis layers of the skin respond well to treatments using near infrared wavelengths. Treatments using near infrared energy encourages collagen creation to reduce wrinkles and enhance skin tone. Far infrared wavelengths penetrate deeper, eliminating pollutants that could harm your skin.

Weight loss

Your quality of life depends on maintaining a healthy weight, but losing weight can be difficult. The secret to success is altering your behaviour. At ReGen, using our saunas, you can create a pleasurable routine that will benefit your efforts in several ways. In one enjoyable session, you’ll receive all the advantages of both infrared light treatment and the sauna heat. You’ll genuinely want to continue with this simple lifestyle and behavioural modification to help your sauna weight reduction.


ReGen uses the only saunas that are supported by clinical research to decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Both are essential for keeping the heart healthy.

ReGen’s infrared saunas cause the heart to beat more quickly, increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure and promoting circulation.

You’ll unwind while getting a stimulating deep-tissue sweat with infrared sauna therapy and you’ll feel completely revived after each session.

Coming in for a session of infrared therapy is like giving yourself a passive cardio workout – whenever you need it!

Infrared heating of the muscles causes an increase in blood flow akin to that experienced during exercise. Regular use of an infrared sauna, particularly one that emits heat in the mid-wavelength, can considerably increase blood flow by up to twice the typical rate.


ReGen’s saunas use highly efficient, proprietary SoloCarbon infrared heating technology, which has been clinically proven to boost core body temperature by three degrees. Instead of simply sitting in heated ambient air that only heats your outside skin; the SoloCarbon infrared waves penetrate your skin and heat your core to release the toxins, causing you to sweat deeply and effectively.

This creates an enjoyable experience of more productive sweat, rather than an uncomfortable, stifling, hot and less-productive sweat.

Pain relief

The infrared sauna therapy’s natural pain treatment is one of the most persuasive reasons to give sauna a try. Infrared light therapy can treat everything from mild aches and pains to chronic pain problems like fibromyalgia by penetrating the tissue, joints and muscles.

Infrared sauna heat therapy is incorporated into treatment programs by pain management specialists to reduce pain and muscle spasms and speed up healing.


ReGen’s saunas are built for maximum comfort to promote increased levels of relaxation and stress relief.

Infrared is a soft, relaxing and therapeutic heat that encourages relaxation and better sleep –regular saunas can operate at temperatures that are too harsh for the skin. Your body will unwind through a stimulating deep-tissue sweat with infrared sauna therapy, leaving you feeling wholly revived after each session.

Cell health, muscle recovery and immunity

Stay healthy with our saunas’ near, mid and far infrared light technology. This patented technology promotes muscle recovery, cell health and general immunological defence.

The circulatory system is stimulated, and the body’s cells receive more oxygen thanks to near-infrared light treatment.

More toxins move from the cellular level to the skin’s surface when blood circulation is improved, enhancing cell health, speeding up muscle recovery and fortifying the immune system.

The sophisticated mPulse 3-in-1 infrared light technology used in ReGen’s saunas is the only tech proven to reduce scarring and speed up wound healing.

These health advantages cannot be found in any other sauna.

Studies show that near-infrared light treatment significantly improves skin healing by hastening cell regeneration and tissue growth. Human cell development accelerates during wound healing and infection prevention.


The science of chromotherapy involves modifying bodily vibrations to frequencies that promote health and harmony using coloured light.

Each colour has frequencies of a particular wavelength, and every vibration is connected to a different bodily symptom.


ReGen mPulse Infrared Sauna With Built in Red Light Therapy (45 minutes)

Enjoy and benefit from the only sauna on the market that provides all three PRECISE wavelengths of NEAR, MID and FAR-infrared with built in red light therapy for longevity, anti ageing and recovery! Price quoted per sauna room.

Solo session

45 minutes 3 in 1 infrared session


Sauna with a friend

Two person access to sauna session


Sauna with two friends

Three person access to sauna session


mPulse Contrast Session

45 minutes 3 in 1 infrared session, shower then cold plunge


mPulse Contrast Session with a friend

45 minutes 3 in 1 infrared session, shower then cold plunge


mPulse Contrast Session with two friends

45 minutes 3 in 1 infrared session, shower then cold plunge


3 Sauna session package

Limited offer - solo sauna session


10 Sauna session package

*20% discount on solo session price


20 Sauna session package

*30% discount on single session price


Fees are subject to change*

Regen Amplify High Heat Infrared Sauna (45 minutes)

PRECISE FAR-infrared full spectrum sauna with a traditional high heat experience! Price quoted per sauna room.

Solo session

45 minutes high heat session


Amplify Contrast Session

45 minutes high heat session, shower then cold plunge (45 mins)


Amplify Contrast Session with a friend

2 person access high heat session, shower then cold plunge (45 mins)


10 Contrast Session Solo package


20 Contrast Session Solo package


Fees are subject to change*