Health Benefits

Weight loss

Your body is stimulated by exposure to cold to produce more energy and to speed up your metabolism to help with weight loss.


Has an intense training or workout session left you feeling sore? Enhance muscle recovery and return to action sooner.

ReGen’s ice bath treats inflammation and discomfort brought on by vigorous activity and sports. Get chilled to speed up your recovery.

Mental health

Break through depression, tension or worry. By triggering the release of endorphins for an enhanced mood and heightened sense of happiness, ReGen’s ice bath disrupts your thought patterns and helps you reconnect to your inner self. Sit, breathe and return to your natural state.

Immune health

Scientific studies show that your immune system, performance and overall health can all be improved by taking ice baths.

Enhanced sleep

Cold immersion treatment helps your body unwind, lowers anxiety and relieves sore muscles. Reduce unnecessary stress, lower your heart rate and increase your sense of comfort. Your body creates melatonin as it adjusts to the cooler temperature, helping you have a restful night’s sleep and wake up feeling revitalised.

Endurance and resilience

The shock of an ice bath is unlike anything else. Your body is fighting you, and your mind is telling you not to, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded! By taking charge, you are showing your mind and body who is calling the shots.

Ice Bath Pricing

Cedar ice bath - Prices quoted per private plunge room.

Solo plunge session


Cold plunge with a friend

Share the private plunge room with one other


10 session package

*20% discount on single session price


20 session package

*30% discount on single session price


Fees are subject to change*