Terms and Conditions


This Terms and Conditions of Services Form (“Form”) is designed for use by ReGen Wellness (“Provider”).


Within the document, the person who will be participating in the Activity (“Participant”) acknowledges the risks involved in the Activity and accepts that they are undertaking the activity at their sole risk.


Participation in the Activity involves risks which may include but are not limited to death, personal injury and damage to property. It may also involve specific risks including but not limited to: dehydration, heat stress, heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular complications, infection, disease, or any other injuries or illnesses related to overuse, exertion or exposure.


I warrant and represent that I understand the nature of the Activity and the risks involved with it.


I acknowledge and understand that I am choosing voluntarily to take part in the Activity and that I am free to refuse to participate in it at any time.


I warrant and represent that I am in good health and physical condition.


I warrant and represent that I do not suffer from any health condition which may affect my ability to safely participate in the Activity.


I acknowledge and agree that if I have any concerns or reservations about my health or my ability to participate safely in the Activity, I must take advice from a medical professional before taking part in the Activity.


I warrant and represent that if at any time I believe that the conditions of the Activity are unsafe for me (taking into account my own health and physical circumstances), I will immediately stop taking part in the Activity.


I understand that if I feel faint, dizzy, nauseous, or lightheaded, or experience chest pain or any other pain or discomfort, I must stop the Fitness Activity immediately and notify the Provider or a member of the Provider’s staff.


I agree that I know my own body better than anyone else does and it is ultimately up to me to decide if the conditions of the Activity are unsafe for me, and to speak up if I have concerns.


I agree that I will comply with the Provider’s rules and any directions given to me by the Provider or the Provider’s staff members.


I warrant that I will compensate the Provider for any damage I may cause to the Provider’s equipment as a result of my recklessness or negligence.


I acknowledge that the Provider is not responsible for the safety or security of my personal belongings. In the event the Provider offers a place to store my belongings, I do so at my own risk.


I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns, administrators, executors and next of kin hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waive any and all claims, expenses, causes of action, debts, demands, damages, or other liabilities whatsoever (hereinafter “Liabilities”), whether direct or indirect, and whether known or unknown that I may have now or in the future against the Provider, together with any coaches, trainers, teachers, instructors, officers, employees, directors, trustees, agents, contractors, assignees, successors or other representatives of the Provider (hereinafter “Provider’s Representatives”). I hereby release the Provider and the Provider’s Representatives from any such Liabilities which I may have or may at any time incur against the Provider or any of the Provider’s Representatives, whether direct or indirect, and whether known or unknown, and whether in contract, tort, equity or otherwise, except Liabilities arising out of gross negligence by the Provider or the Provider’s Representatives.


I authorise the Provider and the Provider’s staff to provide first aid, to seek emergency medical support and/or to transport me to a medical facility in the event that I suffer an injury or medical emergency at any time. I acknowledge and accept that I will be responsible for any medical expenses that are incurred.


Financial Notice: In the event that you wish to cancel an appointment, you are required to give at least the following amount of notice: 12 hours


If this notice is not received, the following will apply:


100% of session cost


Booking and payments are provided through our suppliers SimplyBook.me Ltd and Square. All T’s&C’s for each of our suppliers is valid over and above as directed our legislation and applicable laws. https://simplybook.me/en/terms-and-conditions#tab-for-clients