The Key Role of Oxygen Therapy in Immune Support

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Oxygen Therapy

The Key Role of Oxygen Therapy in Immune Support

The Key Role of Oxygen Therapy in Immune Support

Did you know the air we breathe contains approximately 21% pure oxygen? 

In years gone past, oxygen therapy has previously been contained to hospitals and clinic environments – but now, we can all benefit from oxygen therapy’s ability to supercharge our immune systems.

Responsible for fighting off infections and diseases, our immune systems work hard to protect us from the germs and illnesses we encounter (often blindly) on a daily basis. Oxygen is the ultimate fuel for our cells, serving to encourage every part of our bodies to work more effectively and efficiently. 

With new advances in oxygen therapy, this innovative technology means we can access the benefits of supplemental oxygen on a regular basis. This can be particularly beneficial for those who live in polluted areas, or who, for whatever reason, aren’t receiving the regular benefits of a high quality supply of oxygen in the air they breathe. This can put our bodies under immense stress, making it more difficult for our immune systems to function as intended.

With oxygen therapy readily available at ReGen Wellness, let’s take a look at the role it can play in boosting your immune support.


Why is oxygen so beneficial for our immune system?

On a fundamental, cellular level, oxygen is the critical ingredient we need for energy production. It’s the fuel our immune system uses to produce white blood cells, which provide valuable defence in the fight against infections and diseases. 

By increasing our oxygen levels, we’re able to increase our energy supplies, leading to a stronger and more resilient immune response. At the same time, oxygen can also help in combating free radicals, serving to reduce oxidative stress that would otherwise suppress immune function.


What does oxygen therapy entail?

At ReGen Wellness, our Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (MHBOT) harnesses the power of oxygen and hydrogen to deliver transformative wellness benefits. Your body is supported to absorb more oxygen through this combination of oxygen and hydrogen, sending healing benefits to your tissues, cells, organs, and brain.

Our mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy pod is much simpler in reality than it sounds. A safe, non-medical wellness device that operates at the equivalent of 3.5m underwater, this pressure helps the oxygen concentration in our blood to increase from its standard 21% to 28%, with a further increase due to the displacement caused by the hydrogen, bringing oxygen to 31%. As a result, 50% more oxygen is circulating throughout the body, leading to profound and lasting health benefits – and enhanced immune system support. Its anti-inflammatory benefits can also be of great support to those who are looking to build their immunity, helping to reduce pain, swelling, and a range of chronic conditions that can distract your body from building a proactive defence against new infections.

Whether you’re looking for injury recovery, immune system support, an ample supply of essential nutrients, or revitalised cardiovascular health, oxygen therapy provides one seamless and sustainable natural treatment solution.



Proactively supporting your immune system doesn’t need to be complicated with ReGen Wellness. With solo sessions, session packages, and membership options, you can benefit from regular oxygen therapy sessions. Your immune system, and your overall health and wellbeing, will owe you a debt of gratitude!

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