Exploring the Role of Infrared Saunas in Fitness

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Exploring the Role of Infrared Saunas in Fitness

Exploring the Role of Infrared Saunas in Fitness

Fitness is all about sweating it out during training, right? What if there were other forms of sweating that could help us to reach our fitness goals?

There is good news for those of us who may be looking to add to our fitness options: infrared saunas can play a critical role in supporting your health, wellbeing, and overall physical performance. 

The fitness world continues to evolve, with new technologies and treatment practices that are all about performance optimisation rising to the surface. Infrared saunas have taken their fair share of the limelight in recent years, with their cutting-edge penetrative warming techniques offering significant health benefits for regular users. If you’re not sure how they differ from regular saunas, we’re here to give you the low-down you need on this new treatment form.


How are infrared saunas different from traditional saunas?

Traditional saunas heat the air around you. Infrared saunas, however, use invisible light waves to directly penetrate the skin and tissue, resulting in deeper heat that can offer several significant health advantages.

During an infrared sauna experience, you may experience the benefits of:

  • Increased circulation. As the warmth dilates blood vessels, blood flow is able to move more effectively throughout the body, which can be of significant support for muscle recovery and tissue repair.
  • Improved detoxification. The sweat that’s part and parcel of a sauna experience is also a part of this new twist on an old favourite. With sweat eliminating toxins from the body, regular infrared sauna sessions can help contribute to improved detoxification processes.
  • Support for pain relief. Suffering from tense muscles? Fighting joint pain? Infrared saunas can offer ease and relief, helping both athletes and those who may be looking to reduce the impact of chronic health conditions.


How infrared sauna sessions can support your fitness goals

With so many benefits coming from one easy sweat session, it’s easy to see why all kinds of fitness fans have added infrared saunas into their regular wellness routine. With enhanced recovery support, weight management benefits, improvements to flexibility, and strong support for mental well-being, this is one powerful tool that deserves a recurring role in your health and wellness lineup. New users quickly find that their time in the infrared sauna becomes an unmissable part of their week, with enjoyment coming from both the physical benefits and the mental and emotional support.


How to incorporate infrared sauna sessions into your wellness routine

Ready to get these benefits for yourself? At ReGen Wellness, our infrared saunas use the only true full-spectrum 3-in-1 infrared heating system that ensures our clients are able to access the full range of health benefits. 

You’ll find a range of session options here, including solo sessions, two-person access (so you can sauna with a friend), three-person access, mPulse contrast sessions, and 3, 10 and 20 sauna session packages that unlock savings for regular sauna users.

If you’re ready to take the full plunge, our all-access memberships and modality memberships are the perfect fit! Find access with anywhere from 1 session to 7 days a week across our tiered membership options, giving you the best support possible for your ongoing health needs.

With so many benefits to wellness routines on offer, we pride ourselves on offering advanced infrared sauna technology that supports the longevity and wellbeing of our ReGen Wellness community. Book your session today!

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