Cold Therapy’s Impact on Metabolism: Exploring Ice Baths for Weight Loss

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Cold Therapy’s Impact on Metabolism: Exploring Ice Baths for Weight Loss

Cold Therapy’s Impact on Metabolism: Exploring Ice Baths for Weight Loss

For some, stepping into an ice bath may seem more like a form of torture than a powerful health and wellbeing experience – but with so many benefits stemming from just a single plunge, it’s well worth making the mental leap. Known as cold therapy, ice baths are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reap health benefits with regular use. One of the benefits that are often high on the list is the potential for ice baths to help with weight loss. 

With research proving the connection between cold plunges and metabolism boosts, ice baths can play a key role in bringing about metabolic improvements that are helpful for those looking to lose weight.

So, how can an ice bath help boost your metabolism? Here’s the science behind the phenomenon.


What happens to our bodies during a cold plunge?

When our bodies are exposed to cold temperatures, they immediately kick into action, working hard to maintain their core temperature. These preventative measures take the form of shivering and brown fat activation. Although shivering does burn more calories, this burn rate is low – but combined with the activation of brown fat, which burns energy to generate heat, our caloric expenditure can increase at a beneficial rate.

Studies have been able to connect short-term cold exposure to metabolism boosts, with some proving an improvement in caloric burn rates. While the long-term effects are still under review, the other benefits of cold plunging on metabolic performance are also well worth our attention, including:

  • Improved insulin sensitivity. Cold exposure can improve how our bodies use insulin, which can lead to more controlled blood sugar levels and reduced fat storage.
  • Improved recovery rates. Cold therapy is a powerful tool used by many athletes to improve the rate at which their muscles recover. As this can lead to improved workout performances and increased caloric burn rates during exercise, ice baths can play a role in a holistic wellness routine that’s focused on increasing metabolic performance.


How to begin a cold therapy routine

Are you a newcomer to the ice bath world? It’s never too late to dip your toes (or entire body) in. We recommend:

  • Starting slowly. Short exposures in cool water can help to build your tolerance, giving you a gradual progression to colder temperatures and longer sessions.
  • Pay attention to your body. It’s important not to push yourself beyond your comfort level.
  • Build consistency. By adding a regular ice bath session into your wellness routine, you stand to gain its many benefits on a consistent basis.



With so many different therapies on offer in the wellness world, it can be challenging to know what to pay attention to – but with so many benefits coming from a simple ice bath session, this is one that should be at the top of your list. We look forward to seeing you for a cold plunge at ReGen Wellness – you’ll be back for more before you know it!

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