Tips and Tricks for Beating Work Stress

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Tips and Tricks for Beating Work Stress

Tips and Tricks for Beating Work Stress

What do life, death, taxes, and work stress have in common? They’re all experiences no human is fully immune to.


Work stress can take a major toll on both our physical and mental well-being. A wide range of pressures that can arise in our professional lives can contribute to rising stress levels, making it crucial to find ways to support yourself by reducing their impact.


Let’s face it: some work stressors are entirely out of our control.  The good news, however, is that there are numerous ways you can implement effective strategies that can lead to positive changes and reduced stress levels.


Read on to discover valuable tips and techniques for beating work stress that you can easily implement in your regular weekly routine, such as sauna therapy, self-care and effective time management.


The risks of work stress


Excessive and prolonged work stress can have significant impacts on both our short-term and long-term physical and mental well-being, with risks associated with work stress affecting all aspects of our lives.


By learning how to recognise these risks, you can support yourself in seeking coping mechanisms that can help to build more sustainability into your weekly routines.


These risks can include…


  • Physical health issues – chronic work stress can contribute to the development of a wide range of physical health issues, including cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, headaches, digestive disorders and more. With a stress response that’s constantly activated, our bodies can experience a significant detrimental impact as they’re working through fight or flight mode.
  • Mental health issues – work stress is closely linked to an array of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and burnout. If you’re experiencing constant emotional exhaustion, the risk of mental health challenges increases as a result.
  • Reduced cognitive functioning – high levels of stress can result in compromised cognitive abilities, making it more difficult to concentrate, make decisions, and solve problems effectively.


How can we beat work stress?


The necessary steps to beat work stress will vary from individual to individual. By incorporating key lifestyle practices, however, we can all benefit from taking proactive approaches to reducing the impact of work stress on our physical and mental well-being.


Prioritise self-care


Self-care is a non-negotiable priority for those looking to reduce their work stress. This means it’s necessary to take time out for activities that refuel you mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Getting enough sleep, eating balanced meals, and engaging in regular exercise can all play a vital role in keeping you fuelled and physically equipped for the demands of each day.


Embrace sauna therapy


Sauna therapy can be a powerful tool for stress relief. For those with ongoing work stress challenges, building a sauna therapy routine can bring about noticeable improvements to stress and tension levels.


The heat and relaxation of sauna sessions can help to reduce tension in the body, promote muscle relaxation, and enhance overall well-being. In the quiet of ReGen’s infrared sauna, you’ll find a powerful opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate, and release stress from the day.


Review your time management


Careful time management is critical in beating work stress. By working on prioritisation, delegation, and the establishment of realistic goals, you can protect yourself from overload, identifying where there may be too much of a demand on your work capacities.


Consider establishing a structured schedule that also incorporates personal priorities, responsibilities and self-care practices. This can help to prevent burnout, protect your productivity, and prioritise your mental and physical well-being.




If you’re experiencing high degrees of work stress, you’re not alone. Looking for support to manage both personal and professional stressors is a powerful step towards mental and physical sustainability.


Discover the benefits of a regular infrared sauna practice in reducing the impact of work stress at ReGen Wellness.


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