Relax, Refresh, Recharge: A Guide to Summertime Self-Care

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Relax, Refresh, Recharge: A Guide to Summertime Self-Care

Relax, Refresh, Recharge: A Guide to Summertime Self-Care

Summer in Australia is a time of high highs: high heat, high spirits during the holidays, and a high chance you’re juggling competing demands on your time. For all of the holiday spirit that December can bring, January and February can thrust us right into the heart of a new year at a relentless pace. Amidst the excitement and heat, prioritising self-care can fall to the wayside for many of us. It’s no surprise that we need the reminder that self-care isn’t a luxury, but a necessity.

If you’re feeling the summertime heat in both your calendar and your body, we’ve put together a helpful guide to prioritising self-care through these steamy months.


Invest in proactive treatments

When was the last time you made a booking in your calendar that was just dedicated to you – not to the gym, running errands, making meetings or chasing the kids around the beach?

It’s time to carve out that time. 

At ReGen Wellness, we support our clients every day of the week in creating opportunities for proactive treatments. Whether it’s a specialised IV drip infusion that’s designed specifically for your needs, the exhilarating renewal of an ice bath, an oxygen therapy session, or time sweating it out in our infrared saunas, our longevity centre is a haven from the demands of the outside world. 

You’ll leave with a refreshed and supported mind, body, and soul, finding holistic support for your self-care needs with each treatment session.

If 2024 is the year where you finally invest in yourself, we’ve got the treatments you need to take self-care to the next level. 


Prioritise rest and sleep

With longer summer days comes a sun that sets later and rises earlier. This isn’t good news for our sleep schedule, as it can often mean we’re missing out on some of those much-needed REM hours, with a negative ongoing impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

A few simple tweaks can make it easier to get a good night’s sleep during the lighter, hotter season of the year. Pick up a great sleep mask to block out that extra light, make sure you’re sleeping in a cool and welcoming environment, and practise great sleep hygiene by making it to bed on a regular schedule. Your body will thank you for the additional support.

Alongside sleep itself, taking time out to rest and recharge can help with the intensity summer brings. Whether it’s a dip in the pool, time by the ocean, a twilight walk, or simple morning meditations, finding tools that help you to build presence and relaxation into your daily schedule is a must during this season. 

These moments of stillness can be challenging to embrace, particularly if you’re used to feeling ‘on the run’, but they’re the keys to dramatically improving your mood, your overall well-being, and your health. 


Remember the basics!

Summer isn’t just about doing more; it’s about doing the basics well. 

Hydration. Being sun smart. A balanced, enriching diet. When you’re evaluating your self-care needs during this busy season, sometimes, less is more. By keeping those basic wellbeing needs at the forefront, you can build good habits that will reward you through every season that follows. 



Prioritising your self-care this summer can help you to build a rich foundation for the year to come. By investing in proactive treatments, prioritising rest and sleep, and remembering the basics, you can give yourself a summer you’ll be enriched by, not exhausted by. We look forward to seeing you at ReGen Wellness Centre as a part of your self-care summer!

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